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Converged Infrastructure’s Staying Power: Why the industry will grow in 2015

As 2015 kicks into high gear, more and more enterprises are seeing the value and benefits of converged infrastructure. At VCE, we have always aimed to develop solutions that make streamlining and managing systems as easy as possible.  We were the first to roll out a truly converged infrastructure, integrating IT infrastructure processes, management and upgrades so IT organizations had more time to address new projects, add business value and meet ever-evolving business needs.

Although the IT landscape has changed considerably since the release of our first Vblock System in 2009, the main benefits of deploying a converged infrastructure haven’t changed. Recently, Terri McClure, Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), shared her insights on the trends leading customers to implement converged infrastructures, also known as integrated compute platforms, and the benefits they are recognizing as a result:

  • Speed of deployment – An integrated platform can quickly ensure all of an enterprise’s systems are in one place for fast accessibility
  • Ease of use and management – Instead of worrying about different systems individually, the platform makes it simple through consolidation; having everything in one place means information becomes easier to manage.
  • IT benefits – IT can efficiently provide services to their end users when they have access to all systems in one place.
  • Flexibility and agility – Having all their systems in one platform allows an enterprise to adapt quickly and efficiently to make the best decisions for the business.
  • Higher service level to employees – Realizing the benefits above, an employee’s experience is ultimately improved, making them more productive.

One-third of the customers ESG has spoken to have already deployed integrated compute platforms, showing the growing importance of a platform that manages a variety of systems. Additionally, 44 percent of customers are planning for or are already looking into an integrated platform. [1] As organizations look at changes they want to make to their infrastructure in 2015, transitioning to an integrated platform is at the top of their list or, at the very least, a topic of conversation.

Watch the video above to hear why Terri believes we’ll continue to see steady growth in the integrated systems market.

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  • [1] ESG Research Report, Trends in Private Cloud Infrastructure, April 2014.