The Next Evolution of Converged Infrastructure Solutions

The current state of the IT industry reminds me of the saying, “May you live in interesting times.” These are interesting times indeed for CIOs and IT leaders dealing with rapid change across multiple dimensions from technology to economics to organizational culture & skill sets. The primary goal of IT engineers today is to stitch together individual technologies into an end-to-end service while balancing the design and operational complexity in the Data Center. Companies are moving to agile business models which require IT teams to respond rapidly to business and end-user requirements while actively managing operational costs.

While technology companies are rightly proud of their technology component innovations, IT organizations today are less interested in the infrastructure components and more focused on architectures that solves real problems they face. We consistently hear the need for a solutions approach that combines the hardware and software infrastructure with a M&O framework that can deliver rigorous SLAs for availability, performance and cost

VCE epitomizes the solutions approach to innovation. In 2009, we pioneered the Converged Infrastructure concept to help IT teams rapidly deploy new technology components in a state of the art infrastructure that just works. As a foundational building block in Data Centers worldwide today, the Vblock platform delivers a high performance, highly available infrastructure which dramatically simplifies the operational environment.

Looking ahead, we see Converged Infrastructure evolving along 2 axes:

  • Horizontally, with new variations of Converged Infrastructure platforms
  • Vertically, by expanding the scope of Converged Infrastructure to extend from physical hardware elements to include application and cloud infrastructure

From a platform perspective, VCE believes that IT teams expect solutions that are built for Data Center scale, and optimized for mixed workloads with simplified operations and life cycle support. This week we are launching VCE’s Vscale architecture for Data Center scale infrastructure, our new VxBlock platforms that enable technology choice, and our Vision 3.0 Converge software. These offerings – with the VSPEX BLUE hyper-converged appliance and EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution – give us the most comprehensive set of platforms and the only fully integrated Cloud solution in the industry.

VCE’s close partnership with IT teams to design, deploy, support and scale Converged Infrastructure solutions from platforms up to the application and cloud layer uniquely positions us to innovate and redefine the market. As we look ahead, you can expect to see VCE deliver new platforms and solutions in rapid intervals along both axes as we evolve to become a true Converged Solutions provider.

We live in interesting times indeed …

Onwards and Upwards!

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greg ioffe on

I am totally with you on bridging the chasm between infra and apps provisioning, still enormous impediment for true acceptance of cloud deployment. Add to this ever changing underlying infra landscape, VM stacks, containers, bare-metal; and, despite all of those fancy words, seamless cloud deployment is still a nightmarish experience for most of the enterprises. They definitely need more love… In our opinion, the answer to that is a higher layer software, an abstraction layer between infra and apps/srvs that is capable once and forever unify it all in one homogenous environment. Sounds like holy grail, huh?
COO of startup in stealth mode